Corrugated Steel Sheet Introduction

Corrugated steel sheet, also called pressure steel sheet, which uses color coated steel, galvanized metal sheet through rolling cold formed into various of wave pressure sheet. This metal sheet we often see galvanized corrugated roofing sheets, color corrugated roofing sheets, polycarbonate corrugated sheet, steel roof tile, etc. Our corrugated metal sheets have the features of insulation and durability. And the corrugated panels can be paintable and have galvanized rust resistant coating.

The metal sheet can apply industrial and civil building, warehouse , special construction, large span steel structure house roof, interior and exterior decoration of the wall.

Corrugated steel sheet has light weight, high strength, rich in colors, quick and easy construction, anti-earthquake, anti-fire and anti-rain, long life, maintenance free and other characteristics.

Otherwise, there are also many of this corrugated sheets formed by PVC or PE. PVC corrugated sheet can adapt to the requirements of various architectural modeling.

Corrugated Steel Sheet Features

Many of types for corrugated sheet shape beautiful novel, flexible combination, etc.It also has light weight, high strength and good performance of anti-water and earthquake.

Corrugated metal sheet is easy installation and construction, such as curved sheets, so shorten the period.

This sheet is environmentally friendly building materials, can be recyclable.

Metal Sheet Classification

Common classification of the corrugated steel sheet: the site of application, wave height of the sheet, overlapping structure, materials, etc.

According to the site of applications: divided into the roof panels, the wall panels, floorboards and ceiling panels.

According to the wave size: high wave sheet ( ≥ 70mm), medium wave sheet, low wave sheet ( < 30mm).

Materials divided into hot dipped galvanized, hot dipped galvanized aluminum sheets.

The most popular products and specifications

  • PVC corrugated sheet (trapezoidal wave) 3.0mm thick, 930mm width, length 8ft., white color.
  • Galv Corrugated 0.9 mm Sheet at 3014mm/5014mm/5114mm.
  • Galv Curved Corrugated 1.0 mm Sheet at 3148mm/3253mm/2775mm with radius 5259mm.
  • Heavy gauge galvanized or power coated corrugated steel floor decking for supporting a concrete floor.
  • Curved steel or plastic sheets to make into animal homes and coop.
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