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Corrugated Sheets Packing and Load Method for Protection

To avoid broken during the shipment and the transportation. The better method to pack the goods is very important.

Based on many years of experience, We have collect enough methods to pack and load the different model of the steel corrugated sheets.

1.Safe and cheapest way to packing the sheets.

For cost saving purpose, we have to use the most cheap way to pack the corrugated sheets for some common model, but first of the first, the safety of the goods is very important, so we use the following method to pack the goods.

corrugated sheets packing corrugated sheets packing

By this way, we use very strong water prevent thick paper as the main packing material to wrap the sheets, normally, 2 to 3 tons per package, and use steel packing belt to wrap the package in 2 or 3 times to make the sheets tight together and use the steel pallet as the loading accessories, then we load the sheets into the container and fix the packages with steel wire to make sure the packages are well stabled in the container. On this method, the goods been well protected and the container as well. Also on this way, the customer can easy unload the goods by using the normal fork lifts.

2.Safest but cost more method to pack and load the goods.

For some special design products, due to the shape and the lock method, the sheets cannot be packed very tight together, and cannot take too much weight on it, otherwise the sheets will definitely be broken. So we use the special designed steel frame as the main load platform. Based on our steel structure design experience, we designed the following method to load the corrugated sheets

First part: The packing of the corrugated sheets

corrugated sheets packing corrugated sheets packing

We use the plastic film wrap the 20 to 30 sheets in one bundle and use packing belt to tight the sheets, the plastic film can make the sheets unmovable to avoid scratching on the surface of the sheets, and the packing belt make the sheets more stable for loading.

Second part: The steel frame for container.

corrugated sheets packing
corrugated sheets packing
corrugated sheets packing
corrugated sheets packing

Using this kind of packing and load method, we can 100% sure that the good been well protected when transportation and loading.

In one words, depending on the different method, we providing the professional solution to our customer to get the good quality products with high standard experience of the business.

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