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Box Profile Roofing Sheets

We supply a wide range of quality galvanised steel box profile roofing sheets. These are available in various colours and finishes, all providing 1m cover width when fitted. All manufactured and cut to size up to 8m in length. Our box profile roofing sheets are available in two thicknesses, or gauges, 0.5mm and 0.7mm.

All matching colour coded fixings and flashings available.

Matching Box Profile GRP Fibreglass clear rooflights also available.

Our Profile

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Our box profile roofing sheets consist of six profiles and five valleys where the water runs. Profiles are 32mm deep and at 200mm centres. For extra support and stability, 2 extra ribs are rolled into every valley of the sheet.

Textures and Colours

Our box profile roofing sheets are available in two different finishes, polyester or PVC coated. Polyester sheets have a smooth finish, and PVC, or plastic coated sheets have a lightly textured surface, such as a leather grained effect. Whilst both sheets are ideal for all applications, PVC coated sheets have improved scratch resistance over polyester. All standard colours available from our stocks, including Juniper Green, Olive Green, Heritage Green, Moss Green, Ivy Green, Slate Blue, Merlin Grey, Slate Grey, and Grey Alkyd or Goosewing Grey. Please contact us for availability of any other colours you may require.

Colour Samples

Due to technical limitations in reproducing these colours on a computer, please feel free to contact our office and request a free colour sample of the actual product.

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