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Galvanized Steel Coil

Galvanized Steel is able to prevent surface of steel plate from suffering the corrosion, lengthens its available time.

Galvanized steel are mainly applies in some professions, such as constructions. For the constructions, it mainly used as roofs of some industrial, residential constructions to preventing from corrosion. For the light industry, it used to produce outer cover of electrical appliances, chimney, kitchen utensil and corrosion-proved parts of automobiles. And it is also used as storage and transport in farming, animal husbandry, fishery area.

There is one galvanized steel coil, made of stainless steel and galvanized surface treatment.

The galvanized steel coil can be made into galvanized corrugated roofing sheets.

Many coils of galvanized steel packaged in the warehouse, there are large coils and small coils.

We have large stock of galvanized steel coils with different sizes.

galvanized steel coil 1
galvanized steel coil 2
galvanized steel coil 3
galvanized steel coil 4
galvanized steel coil 5
galvanized steel coil 6

Galvanized Steel Coil

JISG 3302, SGCC, Z50-275, Thickness: 0.14-4.5mm, Width:20-1500mm, S250-550.

Galvanized Steel Coil

  1. Thickness: 0.14-4.5mm.
  2. Width: 20-1500mm.
  3. Zinc coating: 50-275g/mm2.
  4. Tensile strength: 270-500n/mm2.
  5. Quality standard of galvanized steel coil: JIS G3002 GB/T251B.
  6. Grade of galvanized steel coil: SGCC (DX51D+Z), SGCD (DX52D+Z).
  7. Surface finish of galvanized steel coil: Normal spangle, large spangle, small spangle, matte surface.
  8. Thickness of galvanized steel coil: Of galvanized steel coil 0.18-1.20mm.
    Note of the Galvanized Steel Sheet: the small order can be negotiated.
  9. Elongation: 16-33%.
  10. Applications: Galvanized tube/pipe, ceiling channel.
  11. COIL WEIGHT: 3-8MT, According to Clients' requests.
  12. Applications: building material, galvanized wire steel tape.
  13. Standard: JIS G3312 or EN 101402, commercial quality of the Steel base.
  14. Packing: standard export.
  15. Applications of galvanized steel coil: Widely used for roofs, outer walls, ovens, explosive-proof steel, electrically controlled cabinets.

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