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Steel Roof Tile

Features of steel roof tile

  1. A kind of brand new construction material which adopts special baking enamel to enrich its color tone and classical flavor for the purpose of your fantastic architectural works.
  2. Raw materials of pre-painted galvanzied coil, pre-painted ALUZINC coil with a thickness from 0.3mm to 0.7mm.
  3. Light in weight, high in strength, water-resistant and easy to install.
  4. Widely used on villa roofs, city buildings from flat to slope roofs, and buildings in tourism resorts.
  5. Innovative design. 
  6. Archaized and vivid.
  7. Integrated the beauty of classical tradition with the outstanding characteristics Of modern high technology.
  8. Excellent water resisting capability.
  9. Strong in anti-corrosion performance.
  10. Superior durability, elaborately chosen texture, can maintain original color for a considerable long time.
Item No. Wave Height Wave-Wave Distance Width Spread Width Plate Thickness
mm mm mm mm mm
YX28-200-800 28 200 800 1000 0.20~0.80
YX28-200-1000 28 200 1000 1200 0.20~0.80
Eight pieces of green steel roof tiles piled together, they have five large corrugations and some small corrugations.

We offer this type of green steel roof tiles, and it can be applied in many projects for its innovative design.

Some pieces of red steel roof tiles on the ground, they have stripes on the body distributed evenly.

Many pieces of red steel roof tiles are available, although red is the most favorable colour, other colors can be made.

One mulberry steel roof tile is manufactured under the specific machine.

The steel roof tiles we offer all have high quality, because we use the specific machine and skilled technology.

The machine is producing blue steel roof tile.

The steel roof tile is one piece construction, it has superior durability and is installed easily.

There is one piece of white steel roof tile with six corrugations.

Our steel roof tile has light weight, but with strong stability.

The picture shows four packages of steel roof tiles in the warehouse.

Our steel roof tiles are packaged by plastic film, moisture-proof paper, woven bags and iron sheets.

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